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नवमास चिकित्सा, 9 Months Pregnancy Program

नवमास चिकित्सा, 9 Months Pregnancy Program

SKU: 364215376135191

आयुर्वेदिक ग्रन्थ चरक संहिता के शारीरस्थानम् नामक आठवें अध्याय में विस्तार से नवमास चिकित्सा का विधि-विधान प्रस्तुत किया गया है। उसे ज्यों का त्यों प्रस्तुत न करके सरल भाषा-शैली में यहां प्रस्तुत कर रहे हैं ताकि पाठिकाओं को इसे समझने में असुविधा न हो। इस चिकित्सा के अन्तर्गत गर्भकाल के आरम्भ से प्रसव होने तक की अवधि में प्रतिमास अलग-अलग ढंग से कुछ औषधियों एवं आहार द्रव्यों का सेवन करना होता है।


      • Online Consultation : USD $ 20.00 Per Session
      • Contract Dr Alka for Additional Packages : Regular Wellness Classroom. Packages, Workshops and Personal Sessions


    Three simple steps , how it works - 


    • STEP 1:  Fill the Program Registration Form 
    • STEP 2: Pay Online for the program fee 
    • STEP 3: You receive mail for program registration.


    Detail of three steps as under :



    Fill the Program Registration Form below , detailing your Health Condition and Health Program. You are interested in. (Wait for mail acknowledgement and confirmation and fees.)




    • You receive mail acknowledgement for the program registration, scuedle confirmation  and quotation for program fee. 
    • Pay Online for the program fee to register/block the session schedule within 24 hours of receipt of acknowledgement 



    • Once payment is made, you receive Welcome Kit and Instructions by our office.
    • Program Induction and Sessions under Strict Guidance of Dr Alka Gupta



    Terms and Conditions

    (This applies for in case you order or require a herbal suppliment for your health program)



    n order to provide good service and timely and efficient deliveries, please enter the correct pin code in the shipping address field of the Registration Form. Also, it is very important for us to have your contact number, so please enter your correct phone number while registering.



    The estimated time of delivery within India is generally 5-7 business days, time may vary according to your delivery location.

    Please note that if your location is not served by our regular courier partners, then we will be dispatching your order through Value Payable Post (VPP) or Speed Post. In such cases, delivery duration may vary from 7-10 days.

    Delivery time may also vary according your delivery location. Orders placed from North East India require minimum 10-12 business days for delivery.



    Shipments that are shipped outside India through private courier partners will take 7-10 days for delivery, while those shipped through India Post takes 12-15 days. Due to the time required for custom and import clearance and forwarding delivery timeline may take up to 15-20 days. Please note that the delivery timings will also be bound by the custom policies and regulations of your region.


    *We reserve the right to change or update above policy at any time by placing a notice on the website. Such changes or updated shall be effective immediately upon posting to the website.



    effective immediately upon posting to the website.


    Terms and Conditions



    Returns are acceptable with replacement of the products or reversal of full amount paid by the customer with 7 days of receipt of the product. However, returns are limited to following cases:

    • 1. In case of damaged or defective products: Do not worry, if upon delivery of the product, you find that the product is received in damaged condition immediately notify our Customer Care team at +91-9716407404 (WhatsApp) or, we will refund, or send a replacement product, depending on your preference after necessary verification. The contents of your shipment and the original packing must be returned along with damaged or defective products.
    • 2. In case of different product dispatched: Do not worry, if upon delivery of the product, you discover that we have dispatched a different product, immediately notify our Customer Care team at +91-9716407404 (WhatsApp) or . We will refund, or send a replacement product, depending on your preference. The contents of your shipment and the original packing must be returned along with the products.



    Cancellations are allowed without any question asked in case of orders with COD payment mode and for prepaid orders there will be a deduction of base fee charged from us by the payment processing merchant and remaining amount will be refunded. However, it is allowed only till the time product is not shipped from our warehouses. Please contact our Customer Care team immediately at +91-9716407404 (WhatsApp) or to assist you in cancellation of the order.



    We will initiate your refund within 3 working days of our confirmation. However, it may take 7-15 working days to get it credited / reflected in your bank or credit card account statement as this involves inter-bank refund procedures which may take time.

    *Jiva reserve the right to change or update above policy at any time by placing a notice on the website. Such changes or updated shall be effective immediately upon posting to the website.


    Terms and Conditions



    We comply with reasonable security practices and procedures to protect the sensitive and personal information collected by us. Regular audits are conducted to ensure that reasonable security practices and procedures are in place.

    • User Privacy - The user’s right to privacy is of paramount importance to us. Any information provided by the user will not be shared with any third party. We do everything we reasonably can to protect your rights of privacy on systems and the website controlled by us, but we are not liable for any unauthorized or unlawful disclosures of your personal and confidential information made by third parties who are not subject to our control, for example courier agencies and intermediaries that have links to our order processing system. You should take note that the information and privacy practices of our business partners, advertisers, sponsors or other sites to which we provide hyperlinks, may be different from ours. Our privacy policy is subject to change at any time without notice. To make sure you are aware of any changes, please review this policy periodically. We collect email address, name, phone number when you use our services or products. This information is used to send you personalized offers, product & service updates and health information based on your interests.
    • Personal Information - Sensitive personal data or any personal information (name including first and last name, email address, mobile phone number and contact details, age, date of birth, area ZIP/Postal Code, password); financial information such as bank account or credit card or debit card or other payment instrument details; physical, physiological and mental health condition; medical history; sexual orientation; medical records and history; biometric information (such as DNA, fingerprints, voice patterns, etc. that are used for authentication purposes); user interests, will be considered sensitive personal data or information under the Rule 3 of the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011 and any such information collected will be available for view by the user on the Website. 

      Any personal/sensitive information will not be disclosed by Jiva Ayurveda to any third party without prior permission. No prior permission will be required if the request for such information is – 
      - Necessary for compliance of a legal obligation.
      - Shared with Government agencies mandated under the law to obtain information for the purpose of verification of identity.
      - For prevention, detection, investigation including cyber incidents, prosecution and punishment of offences.
      Any personal/sensitive information can be transferred to any other Company/person in India only if – 
      - Consent is given by the user. - It is necessary for the performance of contract between us and the user.
      Any personal information shall not be collected without consent by the user. The information will be collected for lawful purpose or if it is considered necessary for the purpose. The information collected shall be used only for the purpose for which it is collected and shall not be retained for a period longer than what is required.

      The user will be aware about the fact that the information is being collected, its purposes and recipients, name and addresses of the agencies retaining and collecting the information. 

      The personal/sensitive information will be collected only for the purpose for which it is sought. 

      The user will be provided with an opportunity to review the information provided and make corrections, if required. 

      Before collecting the information, the user will be provided with an option to not provide the information sought. 

      The user will be able to withdraw their consent later. If done so, we have the option of not providing the good/services for which the information is sought. 

    Cookies use "cookies" to track usage patterns, traffic trends and user behaviour, as well as to record other information from the website. For certain services provided on this website, cookies allow and/or its group companies/affiliates to save information locally so that you will not have to re-enter it the next time you visit. Many content adjustments and customer service improvements are made based on the data derived from cookies. The information we collect from cookies will not be used to create profiles of users and will only be used in aggregate form.

    *We reserve the right to change or update above policy at any time by placing a notice on the website. Such changes or updated shall be effective immediately upon posting to the website.

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